Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed fishing with you. You guys are great. Here's the pictures of the fish I caught. The first picture is the 8.2lb, the other is the 9lber. Thanks again.

Take Care,

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Thank you for a great trip, we loved peacock bass fishing, it was the perfect way to spend our honeymoon. You did an excellent job, and taught me a lot (I was surprised at the different techniques there were between largemouth and peacock bass fishing) I always enjoy learning anything new about fishing.
  Paula had a real good time too she always likes fishing better when she can catch a lot of fish, and we did catch a lot and some big ones too.
  We got the pictures you sent us and they turned out great. I forwarded them to all my friends. Well thanks again for a great fishing experience and a very fun day, hopefully we can come back and go out again soon.

Thanks so much,
Jason &  Paula Allison, Iowa

  We had a great time with Dave.  He was very courteous and professional.  He was very eager to help us catch fish.  He had helped us rig for wild shiners. That was when we caught the big ones.  You guys advised us that the peacock bass fishing would not be good that day since the weather had turned cool and suggested the Everglades instead.  We appreciated your honesty about that because we wanted to catch a lot of fish.  You could have gone ahead and taken us fishing for peacocks but we probably wouldn't have caught as many.  Plus, I caught my biggest bass ever.  We had a great day fishing plus got to experience the everglades, alligators and all!          

Jill Watson

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I just wanted to let you know how good a time and experience my friend and I had with your guide, Rick Burton, last Friday.  The fishing started off great, and then tapered off a bit, but  the entire time on the water was fun.  Rick was very professional and patient with us northerners and I would hope if I get down there again, I could request him for another Okeechobee trip, or perhaps an Everglades trip.

Thank you very much and please thank Rick for making our first real Florida bass fishing trip a memorable one.  

Thanks again,
Timothy Shanahan, Hartford, CT

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