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Florida Fishing Guides  

Dear Anglers,

 With the unbelievable choices out there for your guiding needs, some of you may be asking yourself, “Why choose them?" Of the many guide services that you run across in your search, you will find that most of them will probably meet your initial expectations and reward you with a day of fishing.  The trick or "key" to finding the most experienced, professional and personal guides is to educate yourself about the industry and ask the right questions. We feel that once you have done so, you will see that we meet and exceed all of the industry's expectations.  

Field & Stream June 2005 voted "The Bass Artist" Some services have the "flashy" websites, but unfortunately, have very little content. Others offer lots of promises and have actual little or no experience on the water. Then there are those who you will call to find out more about their services, and they spend most of your time telling you how great they are but share very little about what you will be experiencing on your trip. Lastly, you'll inevitably run across those guides who have had their “15 minutes of fame” by winning a tournament or filming a mini fishing show, who lure you in with their celebrity name or status and have no personal interest in your fishing experience. Their only interest is that they book your trip. Some services offer gimmicks like, “we’ll beat anyone’s rate” or “free bait” in order to get your business, but as we’ve all learned throughout life, “you get what you pay for”, and that’s particularly true when a part-time business, which most likely was once a hobby, is created.

 As you go through this process of discovery and your determining factor is price, just remember that there are always other ways that you can budget and saveWhy should the cost of your guide be the bargain? This person is ultimately the one responsible for your successful and creating a memorable fishing adventure. So, please, don’t make the same mistake as others have by using price as your only determining factor. We all know, in every industries there are people that will do it for less, in most all cases it never a value at the end!

 Over the years, we have learned from our customers who have brought these issues and other frustrations to our attention. We listen to our customers and we provide the very best service to make sure they have an incredible fishing adventure not only the first time they join us, but for many years to come. This is why we stand out from the rest, and why you should choose US over the others.

 We are a 364 day a year guide service with full-time guides. We have qualified anglers making a living in the sport they love. We eat, sleep and fish because we are passionate about it. We are professionals in our industry dedicated to doing one thing, and doing it well. No other guide service in Florida has more qualified guides and satisfied clients. That's a big statement to make, but we can back it with proof.

 We are fully insured, with commercial guide insurance for your safety and security. (Not many others are.) All of our guides are also licensed with the United States Coast Guard. Most of our boats are less than a couple years old, with all safety equipment on board, and all of our fishing equipment is the very best, like G-Loomis and Shimano rods and reels. So it is dependable and reliable on your day of fishing.

 We were one of the first guide services to offer a "guaranteed fish or no pay policy". If for any reason we feel that your day of fishing is not going to meet your expectations, we would rather decline the trip than lead you on and disappoint you. We offer this to you a guarantee that we are professionals and never have to worry about this policy, I just wonder why others that are so called professional refuse to offer it. If there's a chance of a "zero" why would they even take you out fishing to start with?

 We encourage you to check out some of our competitors, and we are confident that after looking at their sites, and even talking with them, you will give us a call. We guarantee no other guide service will work as hard for you to give you a great fishing adventure. Check out our web site and look at our recent photos and testimonials. We know you will feel confident in choosing us for your fishing needs.

We guide ourselves with values:

Customer First — Our jobs and our company’s future come from YOU the customer.

Growth — We are committed to giving you the industry’s best service for fishing, because our growth depends on you.                    

Team — People make the difference when they work together as a knowledgeable, productive and motivated team with mutual respect for one another.

Reliability — Providing you with professional, punctual guides with cleaner, newer boats and upscale equipment.

Don't hesitate to contact us, and we look forward to talking and fishing with each and every one of you.

Founder, Owner and Fisherman

We also have a full photo album of the fish caught by our customers. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, click here to book your Florida guides.

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