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Lake Ida Fishing

Come experience fishing on Lake Ida, Fishing Lake Ida for trophy bass & Peacock bass with professional guide.

Located in Delray Beach is the huge Lake Ida Park which features some of the best fresh water fishing in Palm Beach County. Stocked with largemouth bass, striped bass and other species, fishermen say nothing beats the urban waters of Lake Ida. The numbers of bass for such a beautiful urban environment is simply fantastic. A few butterfly peacock bass have also found their way into this area, but the fishery continues to produce great largemouth. Yes, the location does offer the opportunity to catch Peacock bass, but should not be the targeted species of choice. We have other location where they are much more abundant, so be sure to ask us about it.

While there's not an abundant wildlife and colorful bird section like the Everglades has to offer, there are plenty of fish which are quickly accessible from most of south east coast and especially Palm Beach. Live bait as well as artificial lures work most all year around and because of the remote location it is well protected from most fail weather which would normally interrupt your day of fishing. There's not another place in south Florida that's more convenient and accessible to vacationers, business travelers or just local fishermen that want to learn how to fish the canal and lakes of South Florida. For more people worms and crickets are the choice baits for panfishing, although jigs and beetle spins will also work.
 There is a bag limit for butterfly peacock and largemouth which posted at all of the ramps. When fishing for Peacock bass you are only allowed two fish per day, only one of which may be over 17 inches. Butterfly peacock are sensitive to water temperatures below 60oF which makes them susceptible to periodic winterkills in the E-4 Canal system.
In addition to largemouth bass, bluegill, and redear sunfish, central E-4 Canal anglers can also catch several exotic fishes including oscars from South America, spotted tilapia from Africa, and Mayan cichlids from Central America. These exotic species were illegally released and pose a threat to native species. Oscars, spotted tilapia, and Mayan cichlids are all bream-shaped fishes.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, go ahead and give this urban fishery a try. I know you will enjoy it.

For more information on it's sister Lake, Lake Osborne click here!

  • Note nice: Restrooms & picnic areas.
  • GPS: LK-IDA, 26.479668617, 080.0843077898

More detailed information on Lake Ida Park.

2929 Lake Ida Rd., Delray Beach, FL 33444

CLASS: District

ACREAGE: 209.26 Acres (includes Lake Acreage)

HOURS: Sunrise-Sunset

Lake frontage (9,600 feet)
Fishing pier
Water skiing
og park
Lake observation platform
Volleyball area
Boat launching ramps: 2
Boat/trailer parking spaces: 43
Children's play area
Reserved group picnic pavilion*: 2
Picnic areas with grills
Restroom facilities*
Parking spaces*: 367

*Meets some degree of ADA accessibility standards

Delray Beach Playhouse

Delray Beach Playhouse:
(561) 272-1281
Picnic pavilion rental:
(561) 966-6611
General park information:
(561) 966-6600

Visit the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission for more detailed information.

We also want you to know that when Booking a trip with us you will be placed with a member of our team, not a guide who has been brought in on an "as needed" basis.  We take pride in what we do and our "Accountability" and "Credibility" takes precedent!  

Experience Florida Bass fishing at it's best!

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